Click below to log into the ChapterNet portal where you can complete your student profile and apply for local DFS scholarships!

All Rockford High School Students

Congratulations on taking the next step toward funding your post-secondary education! Click on the link above to start your profile. If you have questions, see Samantha Bloom or a District 883 Dollars for Scholars board member.

  1. Create an account in the DFS system. You don't have to be a senior - you can start your profile as early as 9th grade.
  2. Build your profile. You will complete information in sections such as the following: Basic Personal Info, School Info, Academic Info, Personal Reference, Activities & Awards (both in and out of school), Employment, Complete required essays
  3. Be thorough! When it comes time to score your DFS profile, the evaluators do not have any personal information that identifies YOU. Start entering data during freshman year and update employment, awards, and activities throughout high school will make it easier than if you wait until the spring of your senior year.   
  4. Apply for scholarships by the posted deadline in your senior year (see below).


ROCKFORD HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS -- watch for deadlines!!

There are important dates that you will need to be aware of as you are establishing your profile and applying for scholarships.

  • Decide on who will be your reference and request their recommendation through the DFS system. The person you want to get a personal reference from may have many requests - send requests early to your teacher, coach, or mentor (should not be a parent or family member). Suggestion: request by the end of February and follow up to ensure the appraisal gets completed before the deadline in April.
  • Once you have updated your DFS profile, go to the "My Scholarships" section in the DFS portal and SEARCH for scholarships that you match to. Scholarships open on February 1, 2024 for students to start submitting applications. Answer any custom questions and submit ALL applications that you qualify for immediately (just click APPLY). You can submit applications even before your profile is complete -- these two actions are not tied together. Submitting scholarship applications ensures you get into the running. 
  • All profile sections need to be complete and ready for scoring by our evaluation committee to be considered. Be sure to submit applications for all matched scholarships on or before Friday April 5, 2025Please note, there are many scholarship opportunities available through Scholarship America and FastWeb that have different deadlines.   
  • DFS volunteers come to the school several times through the year to help seniors work on their profiles. Please contact Karen Nielsen directly with questions via email at or call/text at 612-719-1703.
  • Local DFS scholarship award recipients for the Class of 2022 will be announced during the annual Senior Awards Night on May 18, 2022 (time to be announced). 
  • If you are awarded a scholarship, YOU ARE NOT DONE!  Before DFS can disburse your scholarship award, you must:
  1. Return to this site and ACCEPT the award electronically. Deadline for acknowledging acceptance of awarded DFS scholarships is June 15, 2024.
  2. Send a thank you note to the donor who sponsored your scholarship, especially if a pre-addressed note was provided in your recipient packet on awards night. This is not only a sign of your gratitude -- it helps to ensure donor support for future years.
  3. Request disbursement of funds once you've registered for classes. In order for DFS to disburse your scholarship, you must provide proof of registration (student ID and either tuition statement or class schedule) to our Treasurer, Sue Poulsen. NOTE: scholarship funds will be sent directly to your school and applied to your student account.


Please check back for any changes and time-critical deadlines and be sure all applications are properly submitted by the cutoff dates. Also, don't forget to apply for community scholarships such as the Amy Nicolle Johnson Memorial Scholarship, Buffalo Hospital Foundation, Corcoran Jaycees, Hanover Lions, Hanover Athletic Association, Rockford Masonic Lodge, and more. Applications for these non-DFS community scholarships are available through the RHS Counselor's Office.

Good luck!

District 883 Dollars for Scholars


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